Melbourne Cyclocross

Melbourne’s long awaited return to Cyclocross racing was realised this November when over 40 entrants made use of the warm night and made the event a resounding success. Winner Wade ‘The Cycling Tipster’ Wallace and runner up and first ‘single’ rider Dan ‘Mr. Shifter’ Hale both rode EDGE Composites 2.45 Tubular rims.



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2 responses

  1. Phil

    yes venues are a bit of a challenge. perhaps coordinating with mountain biking events would be a good idea.
    i did the chase the sun series last year and found the most disappointing thing about it was the length of each circuit. at almost an hour each it was pretty boring for anyone waiting for you to do a circuit.
    the cyclocross concept of limiting them to 2 miles so you can do lots of circuits in a short space of time, perfecting and getting better each time would be much better.
    there would be plenty of scope for getting off and running too where the track became too rough for a cyclecross bikes.
    ok. that’s all I’ve got time for here. 6pm is no time to be still selling roof racks on a Friday night.

    March 12, 2010 at 7:10 am

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