CT and “The Bitsa” hit the road.

Wade Wallace ,”CT” of Cycling Tips Blog, and ten friends tomorrow head to Vietnam for their Tour de Indochine – a truly momentous event.

One look at Wade’s proposed steed and we all thought he would be responsible for continental tilt on landing!

We had a well used Z4 frame that was due for a new look, just happened to fit Wade’s very tight requirements,and a plan was hatched for a bike built from collective donor parts. “The Bitsa” was born.

This is definitely not a free ride for Wade however. He is charged with ensuring that the bike develops a persona as the ride progresses. What form this takes is up to the group and we hope this will form the basis of an ongoing career for Bitsa which is explained on CyclingTips today.

As you can see above, we thought we’d set the pace with a double wrap of bar tape featuring the colours of the Vietnamese flag. From memory Wade’s saddle has already seen a good deal of Europe and so was an easy selection. However, it took hours to convince Wade that his fellow travellers would still talk to him when they saw that we had loaded him up with Compact cranks (there Wade its out there!), even though the alternative was his trusty triple.

We wish the guys a great trip. If you have your own Epic planned and feel The Bitsa could be a good companion, keep an eye on Cycling Tips – who knows what next few weeks will yield.

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