Topolino Technology partners Cycling Edge

We are very pleased to announce that we have added Topolino Technology‘s wheels to our existing EDGE Composites and Cerchi Ghisallo ranges. They are truly complimentary to these offerings.

Who are Topolino? Watch and learn.

Our initial shipment will be of the exciting, just released “True Black” CTR.20 wheelsets.  These exceptional, true all rounder, wheels feature  integrated carbon spokes and hubs that are adjustable and can therefore be trued via adjusters at the 20mm aluminium rim. They are UCI compliant and race ready!

In addition to complete serviceability, high notes are an amazing 1360gm/pair weight together with exceptional rigidity and ride, unique looks and all at an expected RRP of $1970 (including Ti skewers and wheel magnet).

As usual we will have test wheels available in the main freehub options.

The theory is interesting – the experience is compelling.

For more information on Topolino and their products visit their site.

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