Parlee Z5 wins another fan!

Craig a UK based, Aussie expat flew in for the 3 Peaks Challenge and his friend arranged for him to take our Z5 test bike on the journey. The strict stipulation was no Edge 1.25 wheels – “can’t give him a headstart” were the instructions.

Here are Craig’s reflections emailed to us on returning to the UK.

“Thank you for the loan of the Parlee Z5 recently, it is certainly a beautifully crafted machine and it was turned out like the young child of proud parents – I’ve never seen such attention to detail in the presentation of a bicycle as that from Cycling Edge.

At first glance I was impressed by the seemingly perfect dimensions of the ‘compact’ style top tube, it looks as though the boys at Parlee have given a lot of thought to getting the slope just right to be not too compact and not too old school. I like the extra large width of the tubing throughout, including the seat tube. It has that really solid look that leaves you in disbelief as when you pick it up and feel 6kgs. Lastly there is the look of the bottom bracket that resembles a female wrestler, not a size 0 catwalk model – giving you confidence to unleash Cavendish like wattage, not that any of us could.

The performance of the Z5 was awesome. I ride a Scott R1 Addict and the Z5 is comparable to the stiffness of the R1 but it has a ride that is far more comfortable. It’s performance uphill left me hanging on and enjoying the ride and on the downhill it was tight and responsive. Grinding out a sprint on Beach Road there was no lateral movement of the bottom bracket and I felt full power was sent to the rear without compromise.

In conclusion, I can only imagine the ride of a US hand built Z1 if the Z5 is the Parlee Taiwanese factory export and it performs this well. Please don’t lend me a Z1.

Cheers Craig”

Watch for the forthcoming review of Parlee’s Z5 in Issue #48 of RIDE Cycling Review due out in mid April.

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