Warburton ‘Cross race causes dilemma!

The Warburton Cycle Fest will feature a ‘Cross race on May 2 in the hills east of Melbourne. Hopefully the momentum will build from here.

The drama begins. After the Melbourne race last November, which was won by Wade of Cycling Tips fame on our MOOTS, Dan Hale of Shifter Bikes claimed use of the “factory” MOOTS PsychloX, below, for the next event.

Then our very own Tim joins the fray channeling a rock song with “what about me?”. The three then displayed their latent obsessive compulsive natures setting off on training regimes bordering on the fanatical.

Tim took to the Adelaide Hills towing George H and others around, Dan decides to drink beer after racing rather than before and undertakes mammoth 3 day single speed training regime (or just led his mates astray) while Wade sneaks off to the hills of Vietnam for a couple of weeks high risk riding under the cover of a cultural exchange programme (see Cycling Tips link above).

In staking his claim to reprise his November ride, Wade yesterday was heard to say that he will need to do some training to get fit (one breath after saying he had just spent 5 hours in the Dandenongs) It is on..big time!

Then there’s Hayden. We have a 55 tt Moots PsychloX frame in stock and ready to go and he wants it, no “needs” it but first come, first served Hayden.

Dan is preparing for disappointment and has undertaken a refurb of his lightweight single speed with another set of EDGE Composites wheels to cover every scenario. We will aim to add an IF ‘Cross bike to spice up the mix.

Watch this space.

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