St Ali Fixie is revealed in full (1)

It might have been a long time in gestation but the reaction from all who have seen the finished St Ali bike tell us at Cycling Edge that it has been worth the wait.

The frameset, wheels and saddle reprise the fabulous Independent Fabrication OX albeit with a design featuring coffee berries from the St Ali team. Gold coffee beans on the fork boss and seat collar were sourced from Sensory Lab.

To ensure we delivered an integrated result we called on specialist expertise as follows:

Dan Hale of Shifter Bikes for mechanicals (anodised MKS pedals, Roselli cogs, black and gold chain and set of custom built “every day” wheels),

Mick Peel of Busyman who hand stitched the gold/black toe straps and grips and,

Steve from Sun Graphics for the painted finishes on the EDGE Composites carbon riser bar and 3t seatpost.

For the curious the tyres are Continental “Olympic” hand stitched, silk tubulars…yes really! The cranks are PAUL Components “Royal Flush”.

One response

  1. Sweet ride! Hope you have a matching helmet… Looking forward to seeing it out on the road.

    April 19, 2010 at 6:34 am

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