Parlee Z1 owner feedback

When we put up the original post on Steve’s birthday present we promised to get his response so here it is:

“Having ridden and owned many different road bikes over the years, I was
curious on what all the fuss was about after reading reviews on the Parlee
range of bikes, and in particular, the flagship Z1 model. After test riding
Cycling Edge’s demo Z1 out over the hills at Kew boulevard, I was in love
and started saving to buy one!
As I have been in the bike industry for a few years, it was great to be
involved in the “position fit” process, and then the fine tuning of the
carbon tubing to be used on my bike. We decided to go with SL tubing for the
top tube, seat tube and seat stays for weight saving, and Uni-directional
tubing for the down tube and chain stays for stiffness and handling. Topped
off with an Edge 1.0 fork. The “ghost” logo with gloss black finish rounded
up the package.
The custom fit over the standard Parlee sizing made me a little nervous,
there was no turning back once the bike was ordered and on it’s way, but now
the bike is built up and has a few kms under it, all nerves are gone,
replaced with excitement every time I ride it! It is by far the best bike I
have ever ridden!
On the flats it purrs along with perfect balance and handling, and even
though I am using an alloy Thomson seatpost, the shock absorbsion through
the frame is amazing. Definitely a bike you could ride all day.
Take the Z1 into the hills, and that’s where the bike excels. I am not the
world’s best descender, but the bike is rock solid through the corners, but
also soaks up the road ruts that would throw most bikes off their cornering
line. It gives you total confidence and makes a bad descender feel good!
As for climbing, smooth and powerful in the saddle, but when you jump out of
the saddle, the stiffness and responsiveness gives you an extra two or three
gears! I’m not very popular with my training mates once we get to the hills
I’m really enjoying the shape of the Edge road bars, especially the shape of
the tops when you are climbing seated, an improvement over the Deda Newtons
I normally ride. Still nice and stiff out of the saddle too.
Overall, the build and ride quality of this frame is exceptional, and its
classic design makes it the bike to keep forever!
I could rave about this bike for a long time, but a test ride is what will
answer a lot of questions about the Z1, and I’m sure that Peter at Cycling
Edge will answer all the other questions you may have, like how soon can I
get one?? “

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