Moots PsychloX owner review

Steve’s other bike is built from the PsychloX frameset that was such a hit with RIDE Cycling Review below:

Here are Steve’s initial thoughts on his creation:

“When I commute to work, in one direction I stick to the sealed bike trails
and roads, but on the way home I can ride off road along a river trail which
can be sandy and rutted. After using a mountain bike for a while (which I
didn’t enjoy that much) I decided to give a cyclocross bike a go. Perfect
for where I am riding!
My first “cross” bike was an alloy Redline, which was great but the
cantilever brakes sucked after using good quality road bike brakes for most
of my other riding. So then I got hold of a Salsa La Cruz, which had cable
disc brakes front and rear. The brakes where great, bike was great off road,
but it rode like a tractor on road!
Then I got the opportunity to purchase the Moots Ti.
In all the reviews I read of this bike, they all say the ride quality is
sublime! I didn’t know what that word meant until I rode the Moots offroad,
“sublime” means smooth, precise, comfortable, stiff out of the saddle,
The build quality is beautiful, and having the gear and brake cables running
over the top tube instead of under the down tube is a big plus when riding
in mud and sand.
My frame came with cantilever brake mounts on the rear, which I use Avid V
brakes with a “problem solver” unit to work with Campag Ergo levers. For now
I’m using a Salsa Cro-mo steel fork with cable disc front brake (until Edge
design a carbon fork with disc mount) so the brakes are great. One day I may
send the frame back to Moots to get rear disc tabs fitted, but for now the
brakes do the job.
As for riding on the road, swap out the knobby cross tyres for road tyres
and the Moots rides as well as a high end road bike. Probably not the bike
you would take to the local crit race, but you could defiantly ride this
bike all day, enjoying titanium’s shock absorbsion and stiffness qualitys.
Cyclocross bikes are a great all round bike, and the Moots is a top of the
line Cross bike. It is a pleasure to ride and own.”

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