Why get a fit?

Perhaps its easier to let our clients’ results do the talking:

“Bike fit at @cyclingedge = efficient power output. Do it, its a no brainer. Thx Peter.

…small changes big positional awareness. All about power balance and efficiency. I Got at least 40 watts out of the changes.” Justin

“Thanks for the fit last week. Bright was awesome…. I certainly noticed the benefits of it over the course of 6+ hours and on 30km climbs. I had my first session on the “trainer” last night since the fit and paid particular attention to the prompts you gave me. There was a massive improvement in my power output and more importantly pedaling efficency.” Nick

“The new position is awesome… for the first time I can spend lots of time in the drops and cannot believe the control and stability…” Dave

“I came in because I would get off the bike after 2 hours feeling beaten up. After the fit, for the first time in years I did 5 hours on the bike and got off the bike knowing I had worked but without feeling beaten up… can we set up my other bikes to the same position?” Paraphrase of Mark.

I find it amazing to observe the degree to which cyclists “accept” varying levels of pain and discomfort and explain it as “that’s riding”.

If you would like to explore the potential benefits of a comprehensive fitting process call us on (03) 9645 0775 to make a booking or come and visit us and we will talk you through the methodology and tools we employ to ensure you are safe, comfortable and able to perform.

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