Tim’s Custom IF Mountainbike

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Tim’s Deluxe is the bike he’s wanted for 18 years and it got its first outing at the World Singlespeed Champs after being built up and hand delivered to New Zealand.

The house blend of Reynolds, True Temper and Columbus steel tubing, customised Paragon singlespeed drop-outs and sterling silver headbadge ensure Tim’s Indy Fab looks the goods, rides just right, and should take good care of him on the trails. With a short 100mm headtube, Tim’s bars will be able to be dropped as he adapts his position, assuring a stable, well weighted front end, even with the 29” wheel’s extra height.

After facing the bottom bracket, the Shimano composite bottom bracket spacers are replaced with alloy spacers which last longer and aren’t prone to cracking or squeaking under the interminable singlespeed load.

180mm cranks provide a little more leverage at low cadence, minimising the punishment Tim’s knees have signed up for, delivered by the new generation XTR pedal.

Fox’s new 15mm through axle F29 fork will be Tim’s everyday fork. Running 100mm of travel, the Deluxe geometry is tweaked from the standard 80mm travel design. 20mm doesn’t sound like much extra travel until you need it. The new XTR rotors and brakes, using a 180mm front rotor means stopping won’t be a problem.

Niner’s carbon rigid fork was also sourced and custom painted to match the gorgeous Independent Fabrications “Works” paint scheme. It’s ready to go with a second King crown race, pre cut steerer and carbon specific plug.

Cockpit consists of an Edge Sweep 700mm bar, Edge carbon stem and seatpost topped with a WTB saddle. Continental supplied new Race King niner treads, which will adorn Tim’s set of XTR hubs built with Stan’s rims. The King Titanium cages continue the royal theme.

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