Slowtwich – a misnomer(!?)

While I have posted bits and pieces about the Slowtwitch Course I participated in earlier this month, I thought I would elaborate a bit on my working group.

Hands on practice is absolutely essential in order to internalise the theory and when the class broke into work groups I feel I came up trumps as our group had a great mix of experience and knitted well.

Our four comprised:

Jeff Lohr a fit instructor with the Trek Factory “school”;

Robbie Ventura, former US Postal and Saturn Pro and Owner of Vision Quest a Cycling Training system based in Illinois;

Stu Waring, proprietor of John Howard Sports Mid Atlantic out of Annapolis and a very experienced rider and fitter and;

me – green as!

The two shots below show Stu working with Robbie as we exploded quite a few myths around TT/Tri position, with the second being Jeff being fitted for his first ever ride in a TT position – and he loved it!! Robbie goes hard..very hard, even at the 4100ft altitude.

Great guys and a very productive session.

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