A MOOTS tale to inspire riders all.

The attraction of a Moots lifetime warranty never fades!

We received a call a few weeks ago from a gentleman who wanted a new bicycle and it had to be Ti. He had done his research and concluded that it had to be a Moots. Why..”well the classic style, the quality of the fabrication and the lifetime warranty.”

He flew to Melbourne, we went through the fit process and then we spent a good deal of time planning his bike in the most minute detail. A Vamoots it is and red is the theme!

In our initial call I asked why he was looking for a new bike. “well I have been riding the same european frame for 40 years and I am finding 54/42 with five cogs a bit tough on the hills..and I’m a bit unsteady with the downtube shifters”.

So I broached the obvious… 85 was the answer! ” I have also been wearing the same pair of SIDI shoes for 40 years….”.

It will be a very happy  New Year when he collects his new bike in the first week in January.

And for those among you with a predatory, penchant for the collectable – the immaculate workhorse and shoes are going no where!!


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