Nick Mitchell blitzes 3 Peaks on Parlee Z5

Nick took this Parlee Z5 and Topolino CTR 2.0 wheels for a “stroll” last Sunday. He completed the 230km in Victoria’s Alpine Region in 8 hours 7 minutes…. 41 minutes ahead of the next rider. He sent me the following email yesterday:

” Hey Peter

I thought I would send you a quick email to let you know how the Parlee and my “bike fit” stood up to The 3 Peaks Challenge. 8hrs of riding probably the toughest cyclo sportif in the country gave me a chance to truly evaluate my equipment and position on the bike. Not only did the terrain challenge but the weather pushed ensured a true test.

I felt beautifully balanced, stable, fast and confident on the descents. Normally technical descents were turned treacherous by rain and tested my confidence. Yet I was still able to push hard through corners as my Topolino wheels soaked up any bumps in the apex of each corner and gave great feedback of what the road was doing. The geometry of the bike and my position on it inspires confidence from its stability and balance and allows you to lean through corner after corner as you gain more and more speed.

With 60km to go on a slight false flat I realised how good my legs and body felt. The Z5, Topolino wheels and “fit” had gotten me to that point in a position where my only limiting factor was my power at threshold.

The lack of weight in the bike and wheels meant gradients felt less and my position on the bike allowed me to produce power for longer than an hour on the climbs. 1hr 30min for the final climb and a total time of 8hr 7min for someone who is in no way a climber says a lot.

I thought you might enjoy this feedback. Thank you once again.



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