Chain Reaction raises $1m+ – James loves his Custom Z3

Chain Reaction raised this extroadinary amount of money for Children’s causes over a 7 day ride from Sydney to Melbourne – the long way!

In this photo Cycling Edge customers James and Bruce (longtime Z4 owner) are front left and right rear respectively. I haven’t yet heard from Bruce but here is James’ summary of his ride.

“Hi Peter
Just wanted to let you know that I rode my Parlee Z3 from Sydney to
Melbourne with the Chain Reaction ride for kids. The ride raised over
$1m this year, with just 42 riders which is fantastic result.
Some 1101kms all up to really get to know the bike. We took the long and
indirect route to Melbourne via Canberra and then the Snowy Mountains.
Day 4 we climbed over 2700m, day 5 we had an 8km constant climb
averaging about 7-8% grade. Day 6 was a long and flat 205kms. Each day
had its challenges!
Never been so comfortable on a bike and if there is ever a chance for
discomfort its back to back long days in the saddle (we averaged about
170kms per day, 7 days in a row). I was really surprised/impressed by
how quick and stable it was on some serious steep descents.
On the humorous side I covered 1100kms with no punctures, in fact I
hadn’t had a puncture on this bike at all, ever, since taking delivery
back in June 2010. Unfortunately all good things come to an end and my
rear starting spitting latex as we pulled up for a final meal on Lygon
Street, before approaching the town hall. Need not worry though, the
tyre sealed and I was able to ride to the finish on about 80psi, so I
didn’t need to call you to pick me up! I have told many people about my
“run flats” but no-one has believed me. They should now….
I am a big convert to tubulars and love my edge wheels.
Photo attached which shows the 2 Parlees in the ride.
Cheers and thanks

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