St Croix here I come!

Arguably Australia’s fastest Age Group Triathlete over 70.3, Jarrod Owen dropped in yesterday to collect his new Parlee Cycles kit and ensure his Parlee TT was correctly matched to his fit data before he flew to the US this morning.

Jarrod will be training in Boulder for a couple of weeks before he hits the carribean for the St Croix Half on May 1. This race features a climb called “The Beast” with a gradient of upto 21% and 27% out of the hairpins which apparently some find quite challenging! (You can see a youtube video by copying and pasting the following into your browser:

We will try to get him some more speed through time with Paraic McGlynn at in Scottsdale AZ while he is there.

He will then travel directly to Ironman China with the aim of qualification for Kona. He commented that he continues to adjust to his new position and his comfort and speed off the bike just continues to improve.

As Joey Trebianni would say “How you doin?”.

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