Kung Fu officially a Parlee Pilot!

Well I know he got excited and punched it out on the social networks earlier today, but here it is from us. Brendan is now riding in partnership with, and enjoys the direct support of, Parlee Cycles in addition to that from Cycling Edge.

As such he joins Bridie O’Donnell, Rob Crowe and Nick Mitchell.

His new Parlee Z5 is pictured below with his new PARLEE kit and his first ride reaction was predictable. Brendan had been enjoying every minute of riding our custom painted “ENVY”  and “‘BEER” Z4’s (see Maloolaba an Sydney ITU races) and he sat patiently while this bike was built today. He even nodded politely while Paul (proud owner of “The very Limited Z5 SL”) and I told him that he would notice that the new bike was a significant step up.

About an hour after he left the Studio he sent us the following text message:

“I didn’t quite believe you when you said (the Z5) was even better than the Z4. It actually is!! It rides like a dream”.

Note to self: Keep him away from Z1, Z2 and Z3!

The  “bands” and PARLEE logos on the bike cleverly blend green and gold in one and avoid the difficulty of having to match his gleaming new MAVIC shoes! We feel certain (well sort of) that his hair colour will catch up at some stage of the season!

Brendan also enjoys the support of the team from SRAM thanks to Rob Eva and will use our custom built wheels to train (above) and race on this bike and his new PARLEE TT which he will pick up in the US.

Those of sharp eye will note the top tube name detail and there are exciting extensions of this theme brewing which will be carried forward to the custom paint of his TT frameset and “all things Sexton” going forward.

Brendan will fly out on tuesday with the VIS team and head to Scottsdale AZ where they will enjoy the hospitality and support of Paraic McGlynn of FASTER.com and his network of specialists as they overcome jetlag and prepare for Mexico.

Our aim is to arrange for Brendan to pick up some “free” speed later in the year as we work with Paraic and FASTER’s bespoke, cycling specific Windtunnel and associated FIT methodologies and facilities.

Faster will also be able to provide you with a PARLEE to your individual requirements in the very near future.

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