Parlee does a Di2 take!

We are excited to announce that effective immediately, any PARLEE Z1, Z2, Z3, CX, Tour can be ordered with internal wiring for Shimano Di2.

Along with the announcement of this (frequently asked for) feature we are also announcing the immediate availability of Press-Fit 30 (PF30) standard on the Z1, Z2, Z3, CX and Tour models. The larger 46mm, all carbon bottom bracket standard, released last year by SRAM has the widest range of support from crank set vendors and allows for the clean internal routing of the Di2 wiring.

Campagnolo cups are now shipping from all major distributors and Shimano crank sets can be run using Wheels Manufacturing spacers with the SRAM bearings. It is our intention to release our own native Shimano cups as we did when we first launched BB30 on the Z5 range, but we do not have a date yet available.


Can I get English threaded bottom brackets still? Yes, we continue to offer English as a no charge option on the Z1/2/3, CX and Tour models but internal wiring is not available with an English BB as there is simply not enough space for the cables to pass. Elect Press-Fit 30 (PF30) at time of order if internal Di2 wiring is desired.

Is BB30 still available? Technically, yes, but we are recommending Press-Fit 30 as an enhanced version of BB30 on our custom bikes. Bearing installation and service is easier and ultimately the larger bore (46mm vs 42mm) is lighter as the bore removes the sleeve that we needed in our all carbon implementation of BB30 in the Z1/2/3, CX and Tour models.

Can my existing Z1/2/3, CX and Tour be retrofitted for internal Di2? At this time, no. We co-mold in specially designed composite reinforcements inside the tube sections where the Di2 wiring enters the frame. Any Z1/2/3, CX and Tour made prior to April 2011 is not specified with this and should not be retrofitted for internal Di2 wiring.

Is the external Di2 wiring package still available? Yes, we are still offering the dedicated Di2 wiring package that we introduced last year. This can be specified at time of order. The custom battery mount introduced in 2010 is standard in both wiring packages.

What wiring harness do I need for this? Can the frame be pre-wired? We have the complete specs on all the necessary harnesses and we can sell them as part of the frame kit, no problems. We can also pre-install the wiring harnesses as needed.

What cups do I need? For SRAM, just order a SRAM Press-Fit 30 (PF30) Bottom Bracket, Stainless or Ceramic. For Campagnolo, order OS-Fit Cups 46mm. For Shimano order a SRAM Press-Fit 30 (PF30) Bottom Bracket and wheels manufacturing BB30 to Shimano 24mm spacer kit. We will be stocking a limited number of all of these parts if there any any issues sourcing them.

What happened to not drilling holes? We still try to drill as few holes as possible for structural integrity. This has been one of the reasons why Parlee frames last so long. Durability is not an afterthought. Holes are OK if they are properly engineered for, which in the case of our internal Di2 wiring set up, they are. We use a specially designed composite backer that reinforces the areas where the cable passages are located to prevent any hidden damage. The cable passages are precisely located and cut using diamond tools which do not break the fibers the way normal drill bits can.

Do you offer internal wiring for mechanical (cable) systems? No, at this time we still prefer the ease of use and performance of externally routed (mechanical) cabling on our road bikes. We have spent a lot of time refining our carbon fiber/titanium cable stops and think that there are few parts that match their refinement, so we are not changing them at this time.

Is this offered on Z4, Z5 or Z5 SL? At this time, no. These models are not able to be run with internal Di2. We do offer our custom carbon battery mount for clean, chain stay mounting of the battery which prevents any disruption to the main triangle water bottle cage mounts.

How about internal Di2 on the TT? Yes, we offer internal Di2 on both out custom and stock TT frame sets.

What is the cost? There is no additional charge at this time on the Z1,2,3, CX or Tour models for the Di2 internal package or PF 30 bottom bracket. Both are defined during the order process and specified in our CAD drafts.

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