Jarrod Owen does well at Challenge Cairns

19th Overall and 3nd in Age Group is a great result for someone stepping up to the Ironman distance for the first time, but What could it have been!

Few win on the bike and you can certainly lose it there. Be fast, be efficient and be able to run fast off the bike.

We have worked with Jarrod to refine his position and action on his PARLEE TT to facilitate just that and he has discipline in maintaining it for the whole distance.

You can’t however beat a shredded tubular which started around the 90km mark and a resultant 20+ minute loss! The consequence at the end of the bike leg was that Jarrod  was 126th Outright and 18th in his age group, 25-29.

Not one to give up, he certainly did deliver on the run with a time of 3.07.32 that was the 6th fastest overall and fastest in his Age Group at every split.

Jarrod’s summary was “Position feels great, really good to run off too!” – no kidding.

Well done Jarrod – hello Korea!

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