Congrats to Dirty Deeds and all who sail in her!

It is quite staggering how much CX in Melbourne has progressed in one year  and its future is bright judging by today’s event and the number of entrants and spectators. Word is out and spreading.

For me the real stars for the day were the kids who raced and Brunswick Cycling Club for its commitment to bringing Dirty Deeds to fruition – chapeau!

Paul again entered on the MOOTS PsychloX and Simon had his inaugural ‘Cross race on the PARLEE CX (alright for some!). A lovely cream IF Steel Cross was also given its chance to shine. Racing in B Grade proved to be a sane decision given the faces on most of those in A.

Paul decided to do a “sponsor’s lap” and shot away to lead the first lap and then was content to do some “product evaluation” (ever increasing rapid, shallow breaths) for the balance of the race (he did have some strong words for me on the last lap as I took his photo and enquired as to how much he was enjoying himself!)

Simon did very well for the first few lap before his medically enforced absence from training became apparent. He did very well to hang on for second at the finish and was heard to be muttering along the lines of  “next time Gadget” as he headed off straight to a swim meet.

This lovely, understated IF Steel Planet Cross slipped in to Melbourne and had a fine run.

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