Cielo by Chris King joins the Cycling Edge stable

Not another new frame brand I hear you say and you would be right!

Chris King started building Cielo frames in 1978 and somewhere along the way stopped. There is a little bit of folklore about the impetus to start over and at this year’s NAHBS I was very impressed by the simple aesthetic and the quality of the build of the bikes on show. A quick walk through with Jay Sycip (yes that one!) and the seed was sown.

The bikes are made in house and while not offering a custom build, 17 sizes in each model and with a couple of geometries in each family everyone will find a frame to enjoy. The detail on the frames is a joy to behold. You can view the Cielo range here.

The team at Cielo have bent over backwards to give us access to some of these gems quickly, even dipping into the NAHBS show bikes and we hope to have a couple on show at (and one participating in) the  next Dirty Deeds Cross event in July.

This NAHBS Cross bike will be reconfigured to race with some tasty components obviously with Chris King to the fore! Undecided about the rack. I have a guest rider in mind….

We will offer the frames with a Chris King headset, bb and hub build kit and of course will offer our usual custom build service.

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