Jarrod Owen takes the next step in Seoul 70.3

Jarrod went to Seoul on the back of some strong results at St Croix, Cairns and a local Townsville race with the objective of moving into the top five outright. It was a frustrating day with a misdirection by police that sent him and two pros 5 km out of the way on the bike leg. Here is a short note from him:

“A bit about race day: A still, foggy start to the day meant for a quick swim in calm clear water. It also helped keep the temperature down for the first portion of the bike leg which included a tough 2-3 km climb straight from transition followed by rolling hills for the next 50-60km. However, as the wind picked up, the fog cleared and the temperature rose making hydration in the last section of the bike crucial. I found myself coming into T2 equal 6th, but after some confusion as to where my bag was hanging I found myself about 30secs down in 7th. At the 10km turn around point I had ran into fifth, with temperatures rising and hills ahead, I had plenty to do before crossing the line. 
In the end 5th overall and first age grouper (by about 8mins) was where I ended. This was a great result for me to finally crack into a top five position on a day where many athlete’s found their limits both mentally and physically in testing conditions.”

Jarrod not only races the Parlee TT but

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