Cielo Frames have arrived

Here are some further shots of the first Cielo Cross and Sportif frames that have been rushed to us by the team at Chris King.

We are offering the full range of Cielo frames as an”ensemble” including Chris King headset, bottom bracket and matching Classic or R45 hub set , or as frameset alone. The Cross and Sportif steel ensembles are available in 17 frame sizes and will be available directly from Cycling Edge for $3,850.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While both will be available for test rides shortly, the Upright Orange Cielo Cross will debut at Dirty Deeds this weekend in single speed format featuring PAUL Components hardware in the build. While we have the King hubs built into rims, Paul will have to suffer with car,bon tubulars and Dugast singles.

The Transit Grey Sportif offers so many finishing options we will let it evolve in time to accept its new wheelset. The process, like the bike, will be fun!

Build shots of the Cross will be posted shortly.


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