The MOOTS “Stig”

We had a spare bike hanging in the tent at Dirty Deeds and the organisers were chasing a ‘Cross bike for the second placed finisher in the Open race, Cam McKenzie.

Paul accepted the challenge and Cam, who had neither ridden a Moots nor a ‘Cross bike, was going to front up for the A Grade race.  A quick seat height adjustment and Cam’s entire familiarisation consisted of riding around with the sole priority of  staying warm and loose……

Cam was flying for the first few laps, did a one time evaluation of the “benefits” of riding rather than running up the hill and was coming to grip with the shift from discs and a sharper turning response.

He assures me that the photo with the MotoX leg action was one where he stayed up. How can he be sure? “All of my stacks were on my left!”

About the third lap, he found out what his between event priority should have been! FOOD. He didn’t just go flat he BONKED big time.

Quality wins through and he still held onto the winners lap, coming home in 14th.

Hardly a true show of his or the bike’s potential and we feel that he should really have a proper run on the MOOTS PsychloX. Cam will front up to the Trailmix race at Listerfield this coming Sunday in the Elite race…hopefully a more enjoyable and rewarding effort this time.

We will let you know.

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