‘Cross Melburn a success

Congratulations to all the team that put together a great day at Lysterfield yesterday. “Team” Cycling Edge had a great day and the effort, venue, facilities and racing would have been enhanced only by bigger fields and more spectators.

Paul raced the Cielo CX SS (10th in B), Cam MacKenzie the Moots (in quasi SS mode) for 4th in Elite and the Parlee swung in the breeze while Simon had to have a day out and wrote lines all day…”I must not hit the wall while tumble turning…”.

I fulfilled my obligations by assisting with SOUL Kitchen’s returns for the day.

The guys from Avanti (now known as N1 & N2) were shameless (and talented) in their “trophy hunting” in B Grade and must surely be promoted to Rattray chasing.

Lewis proved that he can travel and ride by cleaning up the Elite race (again)..rumor has it that the other competitors are buying him a one-way ‘plane ticket and telling him he should be racing OS or anywhere else really..

Here is a short gallery from the day..no apologies for the water crossing or brand prominence! Oh yes… it is winter here in Melbourne, believe it or not.

We look forward to their next great event as much as we do the next Dirty Deeds CX on August 21st at Brunswick, or any other ‘cross race for that matter….with enough notice we’ll be there!

One noticeable absence from this event (Cog Cafe and Justin on the PA aside) was NOISE – next time bells, whistles, horns shall be mandatory.

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