Dirty Deeds Vaulting Championship this Sunday

Cycling Edge wishes to encourage the development of sound ‘Cross technique (tongue firmly implanted in cheek).

We will therefore make a cash award of $50 in each race to the competitor who is judged by an “independent and revered” adjudicator to have displayed the best leap over a nominated barrier which will be announced prior to the races.

Elements of the scoring may include, but not be limited to, height, length, style and hang time with the judges decision being final.

There is catch and one condition. The catch is that only leaps in the second half of the race will count. Nasty! The condition is that you must be at the presentations to collect the cash. Make sure your number is visible!

We have included some shots of techniques that work and if you go to the Dirty Deeds CX blog you will find some in the gallery that don’t!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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