Sunday for the Dirtiest Deeds!

Well the last round of Rat(tray) Racing is on the weekend at the Brunswick velodrome and what DIRTY DEEDS will be employed to break Lewis’ run?

Will N1 and N2 be elevated to play “Where is Lewis”?

Will our guest “Rapha” rider be more “rough” than “tumble”?

Will you recognise Sven Nys?

Will Snozz win by a nose?

Who will win the prize for the longest “hangtime” over the boards?

How many yellow clad aspiring Cadels will front to break the Trailmix clawhold in the children’s race?

Will the Open Class rules be fully exploited by the application of the much fantasised “cancellara” seatpost motor?

Will the Team Tandem return and has their welding improved?

Will The Devil feel the heat?

Will the Interstate aspirants learn that the Mexican Wave employs only one finger?


Whatever your view it is guaranteed to be unadulterated fun! So again we say “do yourself a favour” and be there!

Drop by and say hello at Cycling Edge and have a look, feel and perhaps a ride of our Parlee, Moots and Cielo ‘Cross bikes.

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