MOOTS mounted “Munners” mauls Melburn CX

Well it was always going to be tough to draw a crowd on Fathers’ Day and Lysterfield being a “whole 45 mins minutes away” seems confronting to the Urbanites even though the Dandenongs seem to be a fav road bike jaunt!

The weather during setup looked ominous – dark clouds, patches of rain and strong wind – ideal for ‘Cross. The fields were smallish and in the Juniors very predictable.

Come the Elite/A Grade there were about 30 entrants with the prospect of a hot start from Dan “the one lap wonder” Moore and with Lewis Rattray out to restore the order following the last Dirty Deeds Round. With his first non bitumen race under his belt, Casey Munro asked for gears so we moved him from the Cielo Cross SS to the Moots PsychloX  and Simon Carey had recovered from his whooping cough and would race the Parlee CX after a warm up swim across the lake and back.

The race started predictably with a very fast pace given the hardpacked conditions. Munners, Lewis, Dan and Simon establishing a break and then after two laps the two front runners went for it, swapping places and gapping each other. Lewis had a fall recovered and got back to Casey before disaster struck.

I didn’t see it, but Lewis had “the big one” at warp speed on the straight while trying to grab a bottle. Exit one Lewis and one Giant. It was amazing to see how casual the approach was generally to what were potentially serious injuries before he was eventually whisked off to hospital. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Thereafter Casey had to drive himself to learn what it was like to go hard for the hour and he finished with an excellent win and a whole lot more knowledge going into this weekend’s State Champs. Pommy Dan proved he can count beyond 1 and continued on to well earned 2nd while Torq were represented on the final Podium spot and Simon recovered from a fall and a dropped chain to finish 5th.

Well done to Snozz and the gang and we look forward to the next round at Westgate where I think a lot of riders might find the ante has been upped considerably.

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