N1 and N2 @ Melburn ‘Cross 2

Snozz was onto them straight away – “A Grade for you two!”

The former N1 had made rash promises of recovering his status and took N2 on a 5.5hour MTB ride on saturday to soften him up!”

These guys work and train together and the strength of the bond can be seen in the photo above where I heard N1 assuring N2 that had there been a stand alone women’s race “Yes you would have won it mate!”

Once it got started, how much the plan had backfired on N2 became more apparent with every lap.

In the photos above, half way through the first lap of a 1 hour race, you can see N1 at the top charging with bike high while N2 below asked “how much has he got on me”

The shots below further highlight the adrenalin rush enjoyed by N1 with his new status as he leaps the pipe while N2 does a pipe dance!

When it came to the rollers, N1 went hard while N2 was heard to utter ” great downhill!”

N2 had worked up a team from work to come watch but N2 assures me they couldn’t stand to watch the slaughter and went to lunch instead.

Word has it than N2 has gone all out for the next round at Westgate and is busily knitting himself a skinsuit.

All of the above is factual, names have not been used to prevent embarrassment and no further correspondence will be entered into.

PS See you soon for the bike fits  – N1 is shouting!

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