Casey Munro takes “Mr Moots” to the top step

In conditions not quite as cold as the top of King Lake (according to our roving reporter Dan Moore), #CVCX was run with small fields on firm track (sounds like a country horse meeting).

Casey and Simon had a great day taking the Moots PsychloX and Parlee CX to first and third on the podium in  the A Grade race. They were split by “Alby” who used spray on mud to do a great impression of a rider from a wet Paris Roubaix and was the only rider on the same lap as Munners at the end.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For the many who asked, N1 and N2 thought they would “warm up” on the KingLake ride and were wrong and DNS.

Given the recent turn of weather, N2 informs us that he has gone back to the drawing board, is using a “greasy” wool and is now using a tighter stitch on his “patent pending” knitted skin suit which will appear at the next Melburn Cross round under the Westgate on the 24th of this month.

BTW Lewis the Rat(tray) was sighted yesterday muttering “what do doctors know”,gnawing at his arm splint and trying to drag Giants from their riders – or is that the other way round. All good signs of impending recovery!

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