One for the Climbers!

Sometimes blindly following the directions on your phone can be surprising. Driving from Newcastle toward Brisbane I thought I was heading for the New England Hwy and ended up on “Thunderbolts Way” running north from Gloucester and Barrington.

I was distracted by a dirt road signposted to Giro! Missed it and turned my attention to the turn hard right in front of me and was confronted by sharp upturn in the road. It was STEEP!

Now I am sure that someone out there will have the numbers on the approximately 35km through Mares Run to Nowendoc and maybe my recollection is coloured by the lightning and thunder on tuesday afternoon, but this is one hell of a climb.

Sort of “Buffalo ish” but CRB steep (maybe Rabbitears like but without the absolute altitude for the Moots guys) with a couple of downhills in the middle to fool you into thinking it is over before it hits you again.

Mitch definitely one for you and Jono_L! (No Hayden it is not the one from the Grafton – Inverell route)

Love to see the numbers if someone has them. BTW the van did well!

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