IF – focused and flying!

An overnight in Portsmouth NH, a quick drive through the stunning scenery to Newmarket delivered me to the door of the new home of Independent Fabrication.

Well it seems the industry has been awash with ill informed rumours regarding IF’s relocation, indeed demise and to perpetuate the misquote of  Mark Twain, “rumours of (IF’s) demise are greatly exaggerated” !

The gestation of the facility from relic to home has been chronicled on the IF Blog and to be frank it doesn’t do it justice! It is stylish, functional, spacious, quirky, inviting, relaxed, focused and aligned with continuing the IF Brand’s heritage whilst raising the bar on production and service values and offering an elevated customer experience. Yep it made an impression and was more than worth the journey.

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However, buildings don’t make great  bikes, people do. More correctly a team does. Toni and Gary gave me the run of the place and the opportunity to introduce myself to and spend time with all of the team. From Jesse and Ryan at “the front end”  to Benny in shipping (Director of First Impressions?) one can only be impressed by the clarity of purpose and Mutual accountability for the finished product.

So let the good frames roll!

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