RSL Owner feedback update

After his initial reaction here is a fuller, unedited expression of his response to his new MOOTS.

“Over the years as a cyclist I have owned and raced internationally on quite a few bikes and some you love and some well they just get the job done, occasionally you get one that is just sublime.

I have only just taken possession of the one that is sublime, the Moots Vamoots RSL. For a titanium bike it has everything on offer that a top of the line Carbon racing bike can offer.

It is light , stiff and  responsive and given it is titanium it is something that you can worship for a very long time. It is almost effortless to ride and can accelerate as quickly as you want it to, it holds it line descending  and the finish and attention to detail is as good as you will ever see on a race bike.

I finished my 120 k ride on Saturday with an average of 38 k’s and for the whole ride I was in my small chain ring riding a 39 tooth 11 to 23 cassette with most of the time spent in the 12 through to 15 , I thought that was a pretty good effort however it wasn’t half as impressive as the bike I did the ride on, it is a rocketship.

So if you are looking for a bike that will not disappoint you  in any way shape or form that will probably last you a lifetime then don’t look past the Moots Vamoots RSL.”

We have a size 56 Moots Vamoots RSL frameset with Black highlights ready for immediate delivery!

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