Moots Vamoots RSL owner response

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This is the unedited first ride reaction from the owner of this bike. Developed as an everyday day commuter in the Adelaide environs, it features Super Record with Rotor 3D cranks and a set of custom wheels built around the HED C2 rims, TUNE skewers and MOOTS “tuned” King cages:

After reading glowing reviews, talking with friends and yourself about the Moots RSL I had built within my mind an expectation that was impossible to match.
Well ,I just got of the bike and it is going to be a long time before this smile goes.
This bike is so beyond expectation to suspect it is other-worldly.  It is an enigma. Razor sharp yet butter soft, rigid yet compliant, light yet so planted. In essence it is everything you wish it to be without any of the compromises one would expect.
Truly amazing.

With sustained feedback like this it is no wonder the RSL has a rapidly expanding fan club across Australia and New Zealand and around the globe.

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