Two Alligators took a Soul mate to play with a Wombat

Last Saturday we hit the single slush, sorry track, in the Wombat state forrest with our MOOTS Rigormootis, MOOTO X RSL with the “Di2X10 XTR” and Paul’s Soulcraft 29er.

Lots of laughs, plenty of “try this one now” and more than a little waiting for me to catch up.

Great bikes and lovely beer at  Woodend’s Holgate’s micro brewery (note to self to eat before the ride next time).

We all found the electric shift an initial challenge. When you are used to reaching for the “relief” of a big push on the thumb levers the buttons feel dead. It doesn’t matter how much effort you put into it or how much travel you try and induce in desperation, the shift is the same. It just happens, everytime without fail. When you adjust to this it is soooo good and just rounded out the RSL experience! Or so Mitch tells me.

Now for the “fun” bit below:

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