Moots Value equation

Russ loves quality bikes and this MootoX was in his sights for a while. Here are his photos, his thoughts and rationale for his selection and his build specification. Very tasty.

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Hi all. My name is Russell and I recently took delivery of a MootoX frame from Peter and Paul at Cycling Edge. The two main reasons I did this are 1).  Moots make the very best Ti bikes on the planet, and 2). Peter and Paul, are for me, the way I like to do business. I know what I want, I know how good the product is and I want to cut to the chase and get it ordered. Simple.

If you want to talk bikes, then the guys are knowledgable enough to answer any question you may have, but when they realise that you know what you want, they are professional enough to not try and impress any more than they do already with what is one of the nicest set ups in Melbourne. I am a bike mechanic by trade and own various custom bikes and to be able to talk to people who understand what buying a custom bike or frame means to someone, rather than just trying to sell, is worth it’s weight in gold.

The MootoX will be my third Moots, for the simple reason that they make the best Titanium frames on earth…and if that NASA rover finds any Ti bikes anywhere else in our solar system, then I’ll bet my house that a Moots will still be better. Remember, I work in the bike industry and work on the very best off the shelf bikes on offer. I could have just about ANY bike frame I desired and I still come back to Moots. Lots of my customers ask why I buy an “expensive” Ti bike when I could have carbon fibre!! This always makes me smile. I’ll show them my Moots and then tell them how much I paid for it. I’ll show them the perfect welds, the absolutely spotless finish to the Ti and I’ll tell then how I asked for a single bend downtube, with a 68mm English threaded BB and cable guides to be placed on the top tube please and the guys just said “yep”.

At this point I don’t usually have to say anything else, because the realisation of what they have paid for their bike and what they got for their money has just hit them. Then I ask if they have ever ridden a Ti bike? Usually NOT. So how can  they know what they are missing?  But also, let me say this. I am not a carbon hating old dude who thinks all bikes should be made of metal. I love carbon fibre. I love what it has done for the cycling industry, but Titanium is a beautiful material with which to build a bike frame and should not be overlooked. It will last longer, look better for longer and ride better for longer. Titanium has a place in the bike building industry and Moots are the very best.

Expensive……that is a subjective question, but being the age I am and having had the bikes I’ve had, to both ride myself and have hanging in my workstand in the store, I can confirm for you one cliche’ that rings very very true in the bike frame world…”you get what you pay for”. This is true of both Moots and Cycling Edge who sell them here in Australia. I am one very happy customer. Thank you guys.”

Here is the spec:

MootoX 19″ frame (single bend and 68mm threaded BB, customised).
Fox Terralogic Fork 100mm 15mm Thru Axle
Chris King Headset
Ritchey WCS Bars 680mm
Ritchey WCS stem 110mm
Thomson Seatpost Black
Prologo Scratch HWD saddle
ODI grips
Chris King hubs 32hole (black)
Mavic TN719 rims
DT Revolution Spokes (silver
DT brass nipples 12mm
Maxxis Welter Weight tubes
Schwable Racing Ralph 2.1 tyres
HOPE rear QR
HOPE Tech Evo X2 brakes 140mm rear rotor and 160mm front rotor
XTR Shifters
XTR Front Derailleur
XTR Rear Derailleur (medium cage)
XTR chain
XTR Cassette
Rotor 3D Cranks Ti axle 175mm
Rotor Q Rings 38T and 25T
Rotor 68mm English BB
XTR pedals.

Once he has recovered from some recent “bitumen rap dancing” we will get Russ’ ride impressions.

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