Dave rides his Moots Psychlo X into the lead

After 20 Stages Dave Grosshans had a 15 hour lead but in such an event that could disappear very easily. Here is a grab from http://tourdafrique.com/2014/02/betam-betam-kebat-mando-day/


“If Stage 23 of the TDA – the 3rd of 4 days between the historical Ethiopian towns of Axum and Lalibela – was part of the Tour de France , it would’ve received “Beyond Haute Classification.” Although only 84 km long, it featured 2650 meters of climbing on rocky, corrugated dirt, including a 10 km final ascent to camp that averaged 9%, and at times exceeded 15% grade.”

Dave is a very methodical and focussed individual who chose the MOOTS Psychlo X because he wanted to finish and to spend as little time as possible working on the bike during the event. He also wanted the comfort and “tuneability” afforded by the MOOTS YBB as there are such varied conditions on the event.

There is still a loooooong way to go!

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