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Of course it fits me! (no the saddle is not loose)


Dave Grosshans tames Africa

How many kms will you ride this year and what will be your longest ride?

Dave rode his custom Moots Psychlo X YBB 12000km from Jan to May to win the 2014 Tour D’Afrique….to me an unfathomable effort. This is the bike as it started.


I look forward to having a chat about his adventure when he returns and checking out the bike.

His total elapsed competitive time 423 hr 15m and 59s and his winning margin was in excess of 61 hours!

Tom’s first Z5i impressions solidify


“It has been just over 2 weeks since I picked my Z5i from Peter and my initial impressions have only fortified.

The roads here in Mildura are pretty rough, but the Z5i makes them feel like hot mix highways. It’s smooth, fast, light, and rolls like a dream. I do not stop grinning on every ride.
The set up is perfect. I greatly appreciated the time Peter took to set me up correctly, both on the day and beforehand with his fantastic customer service with long discussions and cad drawings. His tips and advice have been great.
I had my first local club race on the Z5i last saturday and the bike did everything I asked of it. Crossed the line for fastest time in a 70k handicap! A pretty good start to the winter racing season I must say.”



Tom’s new Z5i


“I’ve never ridden anything so smooth” was the first comment followed by “the fit is perfect and I don’t need to change a thing!”

Facing a twelve hour return drive I suppose it needed to be.

Tom thought carefully about the build and put his money where it get the greatest return – frame and wheels.

Large Parlee Z5i with HED C2 rims and King R45 hubs, complemented with stylish SRAM Force 22 and a 3T cockpit.

Damned light as well.

“So these guys think they are fast!”

IMG_2847 The above quote was from an escorting motor cycle policeman commenting on the Cycling Edge “Rider Support Vehicle” at Hepburn Springs as we watched the lead bunch drop down hill to the Lavendula turnoff .

Rider support? No not for these guys but for the two who were just fitted and ordered their PARLEE Z5Slis at Cycling Edge in Woodend! Lunch was very pleasant at Beer and Breakfast in Daylesford – do yourself a favour!


And,  to top it off, this guy won the day!



Melbourne Moots rider does Africa!

Cycling Edge customer Dave Grosshans as of the current available information is lying 3rd in the 2014 Tour D’Afrique. This amazing event which started from Khartoum on Jan 10 will finish in Capetown on May 10. Hmmm…. a long time on a bike over just about every type of terrain.

David’s weapon of choice is a custom MOOTS PsychloX YBB similar to that which has been used to win this event before and built around a very thorough bike fit.

Go David!

IMG_2516 IMG_2517 IMG_2518 IMG_2519 IMG_2520

Z1 – an enduring Classic

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Size can be just a trick of the eye!

This 8 year old Z1 had a look that seemed to emphasise its 60cm tt. So when we gave it a refresh we played with the graphics to give it a balanced look that the owner just loves.

As he comes back to this bike from his other handbuilt specials his opening comment was “its easy to forget just how good this is, its the best no doubt about it!”