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“Tonite’s the nite we’ve waited for” — DDCX is go!

Racing, laughing, eating, racing, drinking, laughing, racing etc. etc.

2.5 hours to go and the guys who started supporting a bunch ride at 5.00am are ready to roll.

Mitch was last seen levitating above the studio floor whilst channeling Lars Boom and patting his bike which is finally in full racing trim.

Paul will switch to a Moots PsychloX for the Prologue and customer Chris Mason jumped at the chance to race the Parlee CX tonight. Simon “knees” Carey will probably throw stuff at him from the sidelines…

Hopefully the 2N’s will return to fight for the coveted “N1” designation with the corresponding skinsuit.

Drop by and say hello as if we all huddle together it will be warmer!

Oh yes, here is IF Steel Planet X before he hits the sandpit…

Embargo broken on Speed Strip technology…on show at AUSBike

With the assistance of SunGraphics, not much research has been done in the development of this new aid to Triathletes and TT riders with a view to improved performance by enhancing prolonged riding comfort.

Featuring a hard to find, modified polymer and specially developed technology, the textured strip is applied to the top tube and aids in managing the barrier layer along the tube.

The Speed Strip, shown below, is on display at Ausbike this weekend and will soon be forwarded to for exhaustive evaluation.

Meanwhile, work continues to evaluate athlete declarations that the “patent pending” genital cooling effect of “The Speed Strip” can be enhanced by building up the top tube height with multiple applications.

Note: No athletes were harmed and no research or science was employed whatsoever in the development of this technology, only graphic skills.

And its not even April 1… but it is AUSBike.

PS It even covers paint chips on the Top Tube!

Cielo Cross detail

We had so much interest in this frame we thought we would show some shots of the detail work that is a feature of all Cielo frames.

Cielo by Chris King joins the Cycling Edge stable

Not another new frame brand I hear you say and you would be right!

Chris King started building Cielo frames in 1978 and somewhere along the way stopped. There is a little bit of folklore about the impetus to start over and at this year’s NAHBS I was very impressed by the simple aesthetic and the quality of the build of the bikes on show. A quick walk through with Jay Sycip (yes that one!) and the seed was sown.

The bikes are made in house and while not offering a custom build, 17 sizes in each model and with a couple of geometries in each family everyone will find a frame to enjoy. The detail on the frames is a joy to behold. You can view the Cielo range here.

The team at Cielo have bent over backwards to give us access to some of these gems quickly, even dipping into the NAHBS show bikes and we hope to have a couple on show at (and one participating in) the  next Dirty Deeds Cross event in July.

This NAHBS Cross bike will be reconfigured to race with some tasty components obviously with Chris King to the fore! Undecided about the rack. I have a guest rider in mind….

We will offer the frames with a Chris King headset, bb and hub build kit and of course will offer our usual custom build service.

Z5 in White/Red/Green

Just hanging around in the Parlee factory prior to shipment this frame will be available in a few days time.

The custom finished frameset is a standard Z5 ML. The finish is in white pearl with, Enzo red logos and green Kandy highlights. It features a 56cm top tube and 15.8cm headtube and is $5800 (including frame, fork, headset and front derailleur clamp.

Finishing options such as 3t’s Team, Deda “white” or the top end FSA components would all finish off the look!

Alternatively take the next step and have the whole finishing kit customised to your specification.

Any Campag groupset or perhaps SRAM Force, Topolino, Campag or Fulcrum wheels!?

Moots RSL PsychloX?

First the road, then the 29er and now the ‘Cross version. See it described here on Bike Rumor



Halloween saw the release of the version 2 of IndyFab’s slick new Ti Factory Lighweight – quite a departure from the stripped down 001.

You can see the exquisite detail of both on their blog.

Every IF frame is a custom build and our fitting process will ensure you achieve the bike that meets your individual requirements and that looks just how you want it to.