Dave Grosshans tames Africa

How many kms will you ride this year and what will be your longest ride?

Dave rode his custom Moots Psychlo X YBB 12000km from Jan to May to win the 2014 Tour D’Afrique….to me an unfathomable effort. This is the bike as it started.


I look forward to having a chat about his adventure when he returns and checking out the bike.

His total elapsed competitive time 423 hr 15m and 59s and his winning margin was in excess of 61 hours!

Dave rides his Moots Psychlo X into the lead

After 20 Stages Dave Grosshans had a 15 hour lead but in such an event that could disappear very easily. Here is a grab from http://tourdafrique.com/2014/02/betam-betam-kebat-mando-day/


“If Stage 23 of the TDA – the 3rd of 4 days between the historical Ethiopian towns of Axum and Lalibela – was part of the Tour de France , it would’ve received “Beyond Haute Classification.” Although only 84 km long, it featured 2650 meters of climbing on rocky, corrugated dirt, including a 10 km final ascent to camp that averaged 9%, and at times exceeded 15% grade.”

Dave is a very methodical and focussed individual who chose the MOOTS Psychlo X because he wanted to finish and to spend as little time as possible working on the bike during the event. He also wanted the comfort and “tuneability” afforded by the MOOTS YBB as there are such varied conditions on the event.

There is still a loooooong way to go!

Melbourne Moots rider does Africa!

Cycling Edge customer Dave Grosshans as of the current available information is lying 3rd in the 2014 Tour D’Afrique. This amazing event which started from Khartoum on Jan 10 will finish in Capetown on May 10. Hmmm…. a long time on a bike over just about every type of terrain.

David’s weapon of choice is a custom MOOTS PsychloX YBB similar to that which has been used to win this event before and built around a very thorough bike fit.

Go David!

IMG_2516 IMG_2517 IMG_2518 IMG_2519 IMG_2520

A Kiwi on a Croc looking for a Pub!

Paul Larkin pushing the concept of the Moots PsychloX as a “go anywhere” bike!

Not sure if that’s an attempted bunny hop or not…

DDCX launches another star….

and he as made the winning pass the Koala to the cyclist said…..?

a) oh the bells the bells!

b) do you think that is Eucalyptus globulus, pryoriana, viminalis or ovata?

c) can you tell I’m wearing Rapha!

Larkin’ about on a MOOTS PsychloX

Paul had been planning this creation in minute detail and when all the parts came together it was a very quick build indeed.

It is a little unusual here (and probably anywhere) due to its Ultegra Di2, its discs and its custom paint and anodised highlights.

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It has been out and around quite  a bit racing and cruising and is about to hit Rotorua to extend his fear threshold with some mountain biking. Literally right after Sunday’s DDCX.

Andrew Stalder’s Parlee Z5

Well it has been a month or so now since “Stalds” got his hands on his new “every day” bike and new position after a quick review of his fit and pedal stroke. His partner Gemma, a photographer (www.gemmacarr.com.au), took the shots below for us.

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You can find Andrew’s reaction to his Parlee on twitter @Stalds or you can ask him at the National CX Rounds in Melbourne this weekend.  Alternatively you will find him on Strava here and there….

Can he run? Can he jump?