Another Vamoots RSL headed North

IMG_3295 IMG_3296 IMG_3299

Carefully specced by phone from Darwin and collected by Glen on thursday. First ride reaction was “very very happy, its everything you read about a Moots”.

By the time it heads back to home it will sport a very nice set of carbon 24mm wheels.

A “dan fine build @Shifterbikes”

Another Moots DR for immediate delivery!


Available now is this 56 ETT Vamoots Disc Road with 44mm head tube and ENVE Road Disc fork and featuring solid black logos. Finish it off with a King headset and Moots stem and post to suit your fit.

Email or call 0414 980 165 to secure it now!



Bike Riding Alligator takes on Crowe – both win!



Crowie wandered down to Cycling Edge, (204km round trip, over the hill both ways) to learn about his new racing steed for the New Year  – Moots RSL with Di2 and Ridewiser  colour touches – “that gets 2015 off to a ripper start!” came back over the shoulder as he headed home.

@Moots , @ridewiser and @Stalds – even better together!


Snow in Woodend – 22C in Mollymook


What better place to provide a Moots customer ride experience than from Rick Stein’s place at Mollymook on the NSW South coast. Warm weather with bright sunshine in August, fabulous food and a sale to boot!!

Dave Grosshans tames Africa

How many kms will you ride this year and what will be your longest ride?

Dave rode his custom Moots Psychlo X YBB 12000km from Jan to May to win the 2014 Tour D’Afrique….to me an unfathomable effort. This is the bike as it started.


I look forward to having a chat about his adventure when he returns and checking out the bike.

His total elapsed competitive time 423 hr 15m and 59s and his winning margin was in excess of 61 hours!

Dave rides his Moots Psychlo X into the lead

After 20 Stages Dave Grosshans had a 15 hour lead but in such an event that could disappear very easily. Here is a grab from


“If Stage 23 of the TDA – the 3rd of 4 days between the historical Ethiopian towns of Axum and Lalibela – was part of the Tour de France , it would’ve received “Beyond Haute Classification.” Although only 84 km long, it featured 2650 meters of climbing on rocky, corrugated dirt, including a 10 km final ascent to camp that averaged 9%, and at times exceeded 15% grade.”

Dave is a very methodical and focussed individual who chose the MOOTS Psychlo X because he wanted to finish and to spend as little time as possible working on the bike during the event. He also wanted the comfort and “tuneability” afforded by the MOOTS YBB as there are such varied conditions on the event.

There is still a loooooong way to go!

New Moots and Parlee Pricing now!

We now base our pricing on the the US MSRP, in A$,plus GST. This includes delivery within national capital metro areas.

Now Moots frames and Moots fork begin at $4550 for the Moots Vamoots and Vamoots CR (below)


Size 55 Vamoots CR in stock

and from $4920 for the new 2014 Vamoots DR, MOOTS first road specific frame with an ENVE Road Disc fork.