Flow Visits Moots HQ


It is always interesting to see the artisans who make these bikes, and who take excellence and simplicity to heart, at work. Here is a link to an article from FLOW magazine giving their impression of the goings on in Steamboat.

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Alligator Prowls Bright after mauling Wombat!

Kyle Rickard, latest addition to our “Team” had a busy couple of weeks. Here is his summary of his first race on the electric shift MootoX RSL. As they say on Little Britain – “Dust anyone, Dust…?”

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“Dusty tracks were the daily special for the Bicycle Superstore Bright  12 hour with over 250 teams coming from around the nation to take part in the classic bike race. The race took place just outside the centre of town with a 16.5km track testing everyones technical and mental strength.  With fast pine decents and some of the most free flowing track I’ve ever ridden – the race had it all and the Le Mans start certainly didn’t disappoint. The 200m sprint for the bikes left most riders clutching their hamstrings while others struggled once on the bike.  A brutal start to a challenging race.

With the boys from Torq quickly setting the pace I felt like I only had to follow – tailing the wheel of world series rider Jack Haig for a lap, only to be out done on the final climb by a slight mechanical problem. The Moots MOOTO X RSL seemed to catch the eye of all riders as the customised Di2 shifted flawlessly – even in the rockiest bits of track.

Team Cycling edge (Elite male pairs) got off to a bright start with the Moots mastering a 45 minute first lap – the third fastest lap in Male pairs. My partner and I then took it in turns until lap four when the competitive instinct took over and pushed the Moots out for back to back laps – a hard ask for the sweltering conditions.  With the sun bearing down on the second lap and sapping the life out of me, I made a crucial mistake, miss judging a berm and peeling the tyre off the Easton Haven carbon rim, a small price to pay when compared to the advantages of running  tubeless with low Psi for exceptional rolling grip from the Pair of Maxxis tyres.

By lap six the Titanium established a rhythm, punching out consistent 53 to 54 minute laps of the 16.5km mountain circuit. Nearing the final hours of the completion I was pushing hard using the swift shifting derailleur to my advantage through the undulating terrain, riding Cycling edge home in 8th (out of 28) position in Male pairs.

On the bright side, a brilliant first race on the Moots – despite the loss of a few inches of skin.”

A few days earlier Kyle took the bike out for a run and set a new record on Strava for the Wombat Loop. You can follow the link here.

The Otway Odyssey is next.

First Mooto X ride

Russ sent this message regarding his new toy:

“Just wanted to say that my new MootoX  has surpassed even my expectations of a Moots. With this being my third one, I thought I would have learned just how nice they are to ride, but once again, I was blown away with just how lovely these bikes are.

My busted arm and elbow are not quite yet healed, but the bike has been sitting in the shed for too long now, so I decided to get out on the Great Dividing Trail up this way in Ballarat. I had to climb through  a bit of bush to get there and the bike was sublime. Handles beautifully and holds a line better than I expected.”

As always Russ they just get better with familiarity.

Moots finishing touches gather

One detail remains to complete the project but these custom touches will ease the wait….perhaps!

MOOTS Mooto X RSL out and about

A day off is a great day to explore new territory and on the way out it seemed like a good spot for a photo in dimming light and hopefully winter….

It didn’t look like this at the end of the ride…

“Wow Moots have nailed it!”


Rob’s first trail ride response. That’s the kind of first ride feedback you love….knowing it just gets better.

Rob’s Moots MX Divide

That didn’t take long! Frame collected thursday……

Quote: “frame build quality is without equal”

You will only have to see it in the flesh to see this is a statement of the obvious!