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DDCX launches another star….

and he as made the winning pass the Koala to the cyclist said…..?

a) oh the bells the bells!

b) do you think that is Eucalyptus globulus, pryoriana, viminalis or ovata?

c) can you tell I’m wearing Rapha!

Through the looking glass

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Yes the windows are open and September will ring in a number of changes at Cycling Edge…….

Incredible MOOTS Adventure bike challenge

Can you spot the kitchen sink?

It used to be how many people can you fit into a VW Beetle or a Mini. Now the World by Cycle guys have apparently taken it up a notch.

An alternative theory is that this is the UCI’s next step in Team budget reduction moving to the self sustaining Pro Tour rider – think of the savings!

A couple of Moots headed for all points of the globe

A couple heading off around the world chose custom MOOTS frames for this daunting task. The frames had just about every possible mounting point option ticked and the build specification chosen for durability, included SRAM X9 groups and Schmidt generator front hubs and a USB port to charge phone and MAC to keep communication open.

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Built to carry all their needs and see the adventure through to the end – just like every MOOTS!

Mitch throws down gauntlet – we introduce the PARLEE ante!

Nick Mitchell has tweeted a sub 7 hour challenge for the “3 Peaks” so we thought we would encourage him by introducing a “Pink Slip” deal to add a little further spice to the equation.

People think the photo above is his race face, no he just heard our proposal!

When drag racing commenced they were racing for the deed to each other’s car – The Pink Slip. So given that Mitch is 2 from 2 in this event and was 41 minutes up on second last year, the first person to beat him home this year gets to take his Parlee home right then and there as is (personal items excepted ofcourse)!!

Here it is in training guise – it will have something “just a little quicker” in the wheel department on the day!

Now there is an upside/downside to this opportunity. To get the PARLEE, you must have a confirmed and receipted donation of $100 to the Amy Gillett Foundation made between February 1, 2012 and the day prior to the 2012 event.

Simply be first to finish the full 3 Peaks Challenge, produce proof of the donation to the Amy Gillett Foundation in your name, and Mitch will hand over the bike!

You may think that this puts pressure on Mitch and it does. However, you can rest assured that Mitch has an even better incentive to be first home…… warned (no not Shane!) that he is out there and working very hard indeed.

NYC, Signature, NYC Velo et al #1

Images of places, bike shops and studios and food of course!

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A Classic is a Classic

Parked just near the studio and compelling. Attention to detail is hard to resist and the exhaust note……..