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Faster Scottsdale Az


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In March after NAHBS I visited Paraic McGlynn to see what was happening with this concept. My prime interest was continuing education around bike fit but the idea of a fully integrated centre of cycling  excellence was compelling. In March it was a factory shell with some framework up.

So having introduced Kung Fu and the travelling VIS Tri squad to FASTER, eight months on it was time to get first hand experience to see how things have changed. As indeed it has.

Remarkable progress, a stunning and cohesive complex, a lot of “Secret Squirrel” IP that isn’t yet for public consumption and a business model that is just charging forward.

Beg, steal, borrow just make a booking with your future success!

IF – focused and flying!

An overnight in Portsmouth NH, a quick drive through the stunning scenery to Newmarket delivered me to the door of the new home of Independent Fabrication.

Well it seems the industry has been awash with ill informed rumours regarding IF’s relocation, indeed demise and to perpetuate the misquote of  Mark Twain, “rumours of (IF’s) demise are greatly exaggerated” !

The gestation of the facility from relic to home has been chronicled on the IF Blog and to be frank it doesn’t do it justice! It is stylish, functional, spacious, quirky, inviting, relaxed, focused and aligned with continuing the IF Brand’s heritage whilst raising the bar on production and service values and offering an elevated customer experience. Yep it made an impression and was more than worth the journey.

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However, buildings don’t make great  bikes, people do. More correctly a team does. Toni and Gary gave me the run of the place and the opportunity to introduce myself to and spend time with all of the team. From Jesse and Ryan at “the front end”  to Benny in shipping (Director of First Impressions?) one can only be impressed by the clarity of purpose and Mutual accountability for the finished product.

So let the good frames roll!

3 weeks adrift – when technology fails

3 weeks in the US  – LA, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Beverly, Newmarket NH, Scottsdale, Tuscon and Sedona and AT+T couldn’t deliver a consistent service no wonder they are a Telstra partner!

However these obliging New Yorkers all had their heads down in Union Square trying help me decifer the user manual for my prepaid cell!

PezCyclingNews’ MOOTS Vamoots RSL

Something about “you’ve got to have a passion”… Charles from Pez Cycling News loves a project build. Fresh from the “AC/DC” Parlee Z5, Charles turned his attention to one of these…..

Follow this link here to read the first instalment on this build.

So ready Steve, Mitch, Andy all right fellas let’s go! (and how’s your “build” going Mark?)

Is Bowral on the way to Brisbane?

Hmmm…saw the sign and just made the turn at the last minute. No wasn’t going to the Bradman cricketers hall of fame or whatever its called; was I looking for that place where the cycling Suttons come from?  –  I think I found that on the way:

Also found where that source of northern head winds:

No I was on my way here:

Spent a great couple of hours with Craig and Rod talking Parlee, Moots and IF amongst other things. What a great riding destination for those who don’t know it (and those who do!)

Also caught up with Dave Spindler from the Black Dog Institute whose talent extends to riding multiple Sydney buses and a Parlee Z5 at the same time!!

Yes Bowral may prove to have been the best way to Brisbane.

Newcastle Surprise

Stopped into Newcastle to catch up with Aaron Lean (MSS_Updates) who has an expanding practice as a bike fit professional and had a productive chat over great coffee. The future developments will be interesting to watch.

At 8.30pm the night before I randomly chose a B&B off a website and struck gold! First Class accommodation at 55% of the cost of a Brisbane hotel room and, as it turned out, four blocks from Aaron.

Brezza Bella ( is run by Sue and Bob and will be my Newcastle “home” from now on and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

One for the Climbers!

Sometimes blindly following the directions on your phone can be surprising. Driving from Newcastle toward Brisbane I thought I was heading for the New England Hwy and ended up on “Thunderbolts Way” running north from Gloucester and Barrington.

I was distracted by a dirt road signposted to Giro! Missed it and turned my attention to the turn hard right in front of me and was confronted by sharp upturn in the road. It was STEEP!

Now I am sure that someone out there will have the numbers on the approximately 35km through Mares Run to Nowendoc and maybe my recollection is coloured by the lightning and thunder on tuesday afternoon, but this is one hell of a climb.

Sort of “Buffalo ish” but CRB steep (maybe Rabbitears like but without the absolute altitude for the Moots guys) with a couple of downhills in the middle to fool you into thinking it is over before it hits you again.

Mitch definitely one for you and Jono_L! (No Hayden it is not the one from the Grafton – Inverell route)

Love to see the numbers if someone has them. BTW the van did well!