Owner feedback

Another Vamoots RSL headed North

IMG_3295 IMG_3296 IMG_3299

Carefully specced by phone from Darwin and collected by Glen on thursday. First ride reaction was “very very happy, its everything you read about a Moots”.

By the time it heads back to home it will sport a very nice set of carbon 24mm wheels.

A “dan fine build @Shifterbikes”

Tom’s first Z5i impressions solidify


“It has been just over 2 weeks since I picked my Z5i from Peter and my initial impressions have only fortified.

The roads here in Mildura are pretty rough, but the Z5i makes them feel like hot mix highways. It’s smooth, fast, light, and rolls like a dream. I do not stop grinning on every ride.
The set up is perfect. I greatly appreciated the time Peter took to set me up correctly, both on the day and beforehand with his fantastic customer service with long discussions and cad drawings. His tips and advice have been great.
I had my first local club race on the Z5i last saturday and the bike did everything I asked of it. Crossed the line for fastest time in a 70k handicap! A pretty good start to the winter racing season I must say.”



Parlee – riding is believing!

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The owner of this freshly built Z5 dropped in yesterday and the conversation was brief and went like this:

“buying this was a leap of faith. Every Parlee owner I spoke to raved about their bikes to the point where I was a bit sceptical – can it really be that good?

Well my first reaction to the bike is that this is rediculous – in a good way! It does everything well and now I am one those who can’t stop talking about it!”

Parlee Z5 Small with SRAM Red, custom wheels featuring King hubs and HED C2 rims.

That will do nicely.