“So these guys think they are fast!”

IMG_2847 The above quote was from an escorting motor cycle policeman commenting on the Cycling Edge “Rider Support Vehicle” at Hepburn Springs as we watched the lead bunch drop down hill to the Lavendula turnoff .

Rider support? No not for these guys but for the two who were just fitted and ordered their PARLEE Z5Slis at Cycling Edge in Woodend! Lunch was very pleasant at Beer and Breakfast in Daylesford – do yourself a favour!


And,  to top it off, this guy won the day!



Crankstar does “individual” in style

Our Brisbane retail partner, Steve at Crankstar in Camp Hill, continues to shine in consistently delivering outstanding individual bikes to his clients.

Here are three teasers from his Blog which can be found here at Enjoy!

Tasty Parlee Z1 with a touch of Mango

Transformation from Z4 to Z1 is complete!

How do you measure your race bike?

Do you assess your bike in terms of frames per season or seasons of sustained performance per frame?

When you “ride a bit”, “race a bit” and love to have a real go… what you expect to do with your bike after a solid 2 years and countless kms?

Replace it? Repair it? or can you just touch up the paint and strap on your ” RIDEWISER legs” and give it another season of flogging? and another…and another…..



PARLEE Z3 product proving rob@ridewiser style!

Thanks to PARLEE for the bike, Rob Crowe for the output and Aaron Upson for a great photo!

Faster Scottsdale Az


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In March after NAHBS I visited Paraic McGlynn to see what was happening with this concept. My prime interest was continuing education around bike fit but the idea of a fully integrated centre of cycling  excellence was compelling. In March it was a factory shell with some framework up.

So having introduced Kung Fu and the travelling VIS Tri squad to FASTER, eight months on it was time to get first hand experience to see how things have changed. As indeed it has.

Remarkable progress, a stunning and cohesive complex, a lot of “Secret Squirrel” IP that isn’t yet for public consumption and a business model that is just charging forward.

Beg, steal, borrow just make a booking with your future success!

Get (a)HED on PARLEE

Currently on display at Ausbike in Melbourne is our PARLEE TT bike featuring a full compliment of HED wheels, Corsair bars and “Lazy S” extensions. The build also features the new Vision bar end shifters which at first blush work extremely well.

The display also features our new stand in black.

Ghisallo Adelaide bound

A mix of Strada and Pista tubular profiles in the lightest shade already allocated to projects.