Parlee ESX – “I love it!”






IMG_2991 IMG_2990 IMG_2989 IMG_2988

Adding to a custom Z1 and a very distinctive Z5 this owners first reaction has just got stronger. EPS, Quark cranks, HED rims and some unique,

Is Bob Parlee dyslexic?

Our first Parlee ESX Aero Road frame arrived and in hand it is even better than the stock photos convey. I had a quick attempt at showing the frame design subtleties below:

IMG_2889 IMG_2890 IMG_2888 IMG_2887 IMG_2885 IMG_2883 IMG_2882 IMG_2881 IMG_2880 IMG_2879 IMG_2878 IMG_2877 IMG_2876

I think you’ll agree either Bob’s dyslexic or can’t spell the frame’s name!

Priced from $6950 delivery to Australian Capital cities.

New PARLEE pricing – ship to anywhere in Australia!

US MSRP price matching has resulted in reduction in our prices to what is effectively 2011 pricing.

The 2014 PARLEE Z5i frame set now sells from $4930 including shipping to Capital city metro areas.

Parlee Z5i with Ultegra Di2



“So these guys think they are fast!”

IMG_2847 The above quote was from an escorting motor cycle policeman commenting on the Cycling Edge “Rider Support Vehicle” at Hepburn Springs as we watched the lead bunch drop down hill to the Lavendula turnoff .

Rider support? No not for these guys but for the two who were just fitted and ordered their PARLEE Z5Slis at Cycling Edge in Woodend! Lunch was very pleasant at Beer and Breakfast in Daylesford – do yourself a favour!


And,  to top it off, this guy won the day!



Auckland Moots RSL owner reacts.


“Thanks from Todd, with first ride goose bumps”. Nice from a man who knows fine metal work!

Parlee Z5 Sli impresses the locals


First local delivery to Gisbourne rider Peter who will use on his regular commute to Melbourne.

Parlee – riding is believing!

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The owner of this freshly built Z5 dropped in yesterday and the conversation was brief and went like this:

“buying this was a leap of faith. Every Parlee owner I spoke to raved about their bikes to the point where I was a bit sceptical – can it really be that good?

Well my first reaction to the bike is that this is rediculous – in a good way! It does everything well and now I am one those who can’t stop talking about it!”

Parlee Z5 Small with SRAM Red, custom wheels featuring King hubs and HED C2 rims.

That will do nicely.